Before and After Care Plan

Massage - Before and After Care Plan

Pre-Appointment Preparation

  • It’s extremely important to stay hydrated. Hydration begins at least 24 hours prior to your time with a massage therapist. Deep tissue massage releases toxins from your muscles. Making sure that you are hydrated when you go into the massage makes it easier for your body to flush out these toxins as quickly and efficiently as possible. Also, well-hydrated muscles are more pliable, which may make it easier for the therapist to break up the toughest knots without causing too much discomfort.
  • Warm showers make for warm muscles. While not always possible, taking a shower can make the massage a more relaxing experience. The warm water will help loosen your muscles, which another way to reduce potential discomfort during a deep tissue massage.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothes. For some, wearing comfortable clothing can automatically trigger muscle relaxation. Also, muscle soreness may vary after the massage is over, so loose clothes may be easier (and more comfortable!) for you to put on before you leave the clinic.
  • Wear underpants that you don’t mind getting a little massage oil on. All clients leave underwear on and while we try not get massage oil on them it’s very possible.
    Have a clear idea what you’re hoping to get from the massage. If you have a particular goal for the massage — such as tension relief in a particular area or healing support for a specific injury — remember to let your therapist know. That way, they can be sure to prioritise any concerns you may have.

Massage - Before and After Care Plan

Your Appointment After Care

  • Please continue to stay hydrated.  Just like being hydrated before the appointment, drinking water afterward can help flush out the toxins that were released by the massage. Maintaining your hydration levels after the massage can also reduce possible post-massage side effects like soreness and nausea.
  • Get a good night’s sleep is the best body recovery session available. While you’re sleeping, your muscles recover from the stress of the massage and efficiently utilize the nutrients that are being provided by the increased blood flow.
  • Exfoliating your body to cleanse. We recommend exfoliation to remove the massage oil residue on your skin. After exfoliation it’s appropriate to apply a quality moisturiser. See our product prescriptions for our recommended products. This regime will help avoid any pimples that some people are prone to after any oil massage.

Massage - Before and After Care Plan

Your Recommended Skin Care Products Post Massage

Cleansers for after your massage

  • asap Clear Skin Body Gel with AHA & BHA
  • Bump eRaiser Zesty Antibacterial Wash

Exfoliating Skin Care Products

  • Milano Exfoliating Mitt
  • asap Revitalising Body Scrub with AHA
  • Pomegranate, Pink Grapefruit, Mango & Guava or Apple & Cranberry Exfoliating Scrub

Moisturisers to apply after exfoliation

  • asap Soothing Gel that has a high Aloe Vera component
  • asap revitalising Body Moist with AHA & BHA
  • asap Cellulite & Skin Firming Treatment
  • Pomegranate, Pink Grapefruit, Mango & Guava or Apple & Cranberry Moisturiser

Asap Skin Care Packs (A great way to grab everything you need in one pack)

  • asap Beautiful Skin Pack