Geelong Day Spa - Providing holistic wellbeing therapies to counterbalance the effect of a fast paced lifestyle.

Lara Day Spa invites you to experience the fabulous selection of treatment’s we have on offer including corrective facial treatments, couples or doubles massage treatment rooms, stone massage and spa treatments.

Our private Hydrotherapy room includes a Vertical Swiss Shower and Far Infrared Sauna. The Sauna relieves pain, improves the skin and detoxifies the body. The invigorating Swiss Shower has an overhead deluge while 12 jets spray the body from three sides.

At Lara Day Spa we have a strong focus on making your experience with us memorable and exceptional. We want to pamper and spoil you in keeping with the harmony of your body, mind and spirit.

There are a lot of budget providers in the market today that take risks with your health and appearance. At Lara Day Spa you can rest assured that we have fully qualified beauty therapists, uphold the strictest of hygiene standards and put our clients first. We go to great lengths to source as many Australian made products as possible while ensuring the quality of all our products is of the highest standards.