Skin Concerns

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Skin Concerns

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For many people their skin is a slight mystery. Some people may have breakouts of spots and simply can’t understand why, others are constantly battling with something as simple as dry or scaly patches.

Some skin conditions are complex, and some can be very simple fixes that are easily controlled with the correct skincare regime.

The message from us here at Lara Day Spa Laser Clinic is that we can help you!

From complex Acne or Pigmentation to Wrinkles and Fine Lines appearing that seem cruel because they come from things that make you the happiest such as smiling laughing and spending time in the sunshine.

We have the solution for whatever is troubling you, don’t let yourself become disappointed with your skin, learn to love the skin you’re in!

Using technology, science and a gentle touch we can help you restore your skin health and put in place a skin care regime that is tailored to your skin’s specific requirements. This is a life changing moment in time when you start to become at peace with your skin and gain back control.

As you can see below there are many skin conditions, however we have many solutions to combat them. We provide generous discounts for booking a series of treatments as most skin concerns require a programmed sequence of treatments that are designed to progress through stages that allow healing and restoration. Some conditions may take time to rectify just as braces take time to straighten teeth.

For some the only thing needed is starting the right skin care regime to maintain their skin’s health. For most juniors who we design appropriate services for only need to maintain the softness and subtleness of their skin as they are still blessed with youth.  For most of us we need to dig a little deeper and do some corrective work and then set up a maintenance program that is manageable and affordable.

We look forward to taking your skin health journey with you and we will be with you every step of the way!


Face Concerns


Acne is not a problem that only affects teenagers, while that is the age group that are the most heavily impacted by the condition it is often a difficult condition to manage as an adult.

Wrinkles/Ageing Skin

Developing and existing facial lines are signs of our skin's aging process. Contributing factors transform the fine lines in our skin into deep lines due to the skin’s response to things as simple as laughing, stress and fatigue.


Melanin determines the colour of our skin. Certain things can damage the cell structure of our skin and affect the production of Melanin. Some of these are exposure to UV light, hormonal imbalances or general declines in our health.

Rosacia/Broken Capileries

IPL Therapy can help reduce the effects of vascular issues by targeting the capillaries in the affected area with high energy light as heat which causes coagulation leading to reduced blood flow to these capillaries.

Body Concerns


Cellulite displays as dimpled areas usually on the thighs, hips, bottom and stomach. It is actually fatty deposits lying just beneath the skin. Cellulite can be present in anyone, size is not a determining factor.

Sagging Skin

This can be difficult to deal with, you’ve done all the hard work of losing weight and you find yourself disappointed because your skin is loose where the weight has come off. This can present around the face around the upper arm and especially on the tummy area.

Stretch Marks

As Stretch Marks first appear they can present as very dark and deep, some may look purple in colour. After time these marks can lose their colour and appear pale and almost silvery in appearance.

Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins are swollen, twisted blood vessels just under the skin. You can get them anywhere, but they’re most common in the legs and feet. Healthy leg veins have one-way valves to help blood flow up to the heart. Varicose veins happen when the tiny valves in the vein become damaged or stop working.

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