Tattoo Removal

Before and After Care Plan

Tattoo Removal - Before and After Care Plan

Preparing for Tattoo Removal

Hydrate leading up to your appointment, on the day of your appointment wear loose fitting and comfortable clothing.

Try and keep the area you are having treated out of the sun for at least three days leading up to your appointment. This is because you do not want dry irritated skin before we start treating the area. Do not have any kind of spray tan or home tan prior to the appointment.

Tattoo Removal - Before and After Care Plan

Tattoo Removal After Care

The area of the tattoo you have had treated may be red and swollen, the feeling will be similar to mild sunburn. Much like the sensation you had after receiving the tattoo.

You may also notice a little bruising or blistering. Small areas with small superficial bleeding may also occur. Keeping the area clean is of the utmost importance. Antibacterial creams can be applied straight after the treatment.

Please make sure you keep the treatment area clean and dry for 5-7 days after the treatment.

Do not exfoliate or scrub the area while your skin is healing. Please always remain hydrated to aid the healing process.

Apply sunscreen to the treated area daily.

In the time between each removal session keep the skin as healthy and balanced as possible. We recommend applying asap Soothing Gel to the treated area with a morning and night regime. Healthier skin will react to the treatment more efficiently producing better results.