Before and After Care Plan

Sauna - Before and After Care Plan

Pre-Sauna Preparation

Prior to your Sauna, please remember to hydrate well, this should start the day before your appointment. During your Sauna you will be sweating out toxins, without the correct level of hydration you will waste this opportunity and end up dehydrated and this is your skins enemy.

Remember not to drink alcohol prior to your Sauna

Please bring a water bottle with you, we have disposable G strings if needed

Sauna - Before and After Care Plan

Sauna After Care

Our Sauna is located in our Hydrotherapy room, your sauna has a Swiss Shower included for use after your Sauna.

At Home After Care & Products for Your Skin Health

The warm Infrared rays penetrate deeply into your skin detoxifying and removing fat stored toxins The Infrared rays vitalise your cells and Metabolism. Heat from the Infrared sauna is an effective a relief for arthritis sufferers

Relaxation Package - Before and After Care Plan

We Recommend Using the Following Products after you Sauna

Cleansing Products:

  • asap Clear Skin Body Gel with AHA & BHA
  • Bump eRaiser Zesty Antibacterial Wash 250ml
  • For Intimate waxing areas use Lycon Pinkini Intimate Wash

Exfoliation Products:

  • Milano Exfoliating Mitt
  • asap Revitalising Body Scrub with AHA
  • Pomegranate, Pink Grapefruit, Mango & Guava or Apple & Cranberry Scrub